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We provide cost-effective, green recycling solutions for businesses.

Everyone plays a part in keeping their community green and ALFA's part is to take your "garbage," in whatever form, and process it so that the vast majority of it re-enters the market as new, post-consumer product. In other words, ALFA closes the recycling loop by ensuring that 100% of the recyclables and 98% of the waste we collect and process is diverted from landfill.

Our services include multiple-material recycling, waste audit analysis, waste removal and management, waste transportation and material processing. We can meet all your recycling, confidential shredding, non-hazardous waste and product destruction needs. We employ a full transportation fleet ready to pickup and securely transport any non-hazardous waste materials you generate.

Since our inception in March of 1998, our top priorities continue to remain customer service and a strong commitment to the environment. We provide competitive pricing, cost-effective and environmentally positive solutions. We can answer any questions you have, simply contact us at sales@alfapaper.com or call our toll free number, 1-877-479-2754.

Cost Effective and Competitive Pricing

We offer competitively priced, cost-effective plans for all our services.

•  Free waste audit analyses to determine what type of recycling program best suits your business.

•  Volume permitting, all recycling bins, shredding consoles and roll-off bins are offered free of charge.

•  We use state-of-the-art shredding and baling, high-volume equipment designed to maximize efficiency by getting the job done quickly.

•  ALFA can save you money by consolidating all your recycling and waste management needs under one umbrella.

Fully Equipped Facility
We are equipped to handle all forms of data, including paper, magnetic media, CDs, tapes, and hard drives.

We are capable of quickly and efficiently processing and baling all kinds of paper, aluminum, steel, wood and plastics.

Our 40,000 sq. ft. facility includes:

•  Converyor-fed Loggman horizontal baler

•  Custom-designed mixed paper and cardboard sorting line

•  Industrial paper shredder for secured document shredding

•  Certified 85 ft truck scale and pallet scale

•  A full transportation fleet of highway tractors, roll-off trucks and trailers

•  Secure, 24-hour video-monitored facility

Our premises are surrounded by fencing and are video-monitored 24 hours, inside and out, to ensure the security of your documents and products. As an added measure of security, when we shred your confidential documents we immediately bale that shredded product. No confidential, shredded material intended for destruction leaves our warehouse until it's securely baled.

Do you know what happens to your company's retired hard drives, archive CDs and other storage media? Let ALFA ensure that your confidential documents and electronic media are obliterated and that reconstruction is rendered impossible. Don't let your confidential information fall into the wrong hands.

Environmentally Responsible
We are committed to keeping things green and heavily invest in new equipment and processes that ensure we remain as energy-efficient as possible.

We sell 100% of our recycled product to companies who use reclaimed resources to make new consumer products.

We divert up to 40,000 tons of waste per year by recycling product that was once destined for landfill.
Innovative and Responsible

As a leading innovator of eco-directed recycling initiatives, ALFA is committed to making a difference: for our customers, our community and for the environment.